It is with great pride that I report to you that Jane Murphy Timken will be the next Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party.

As you know, Jane has been an integral part of our operation here in Stark County as Vice-Chair. Her willingness to do what is necesary to elect good, common-sense leaders throughout our county has been inspiring to watch. As a witness to Jane’s dedication, I can say without any doubt that the State of Ohio will be served well with Jane Timken at the helm of the Ohio Republican Party.

Jane can transition between black-tie fundraisers and door-to-door in the rain and snow more gracefully than anyone I’ve ever known; her strong ability and profound qualifications are matched only by her humility. She is both genuine and strong, kind and sharp, a leader and a true friend.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work in making the Stark County GOP a success story over these past many years. From holding zero countywide offices in 2008 to controlling the Board of Commissioners, electing quality in our Treasurer and Auditor, sucessfully retaining Republican representatives to Congress and the Statehouse, to winning big victories for Rob Portman and Donald J. Trump in our county – we have come a long way. And Jane has been a big part of that.

We are committed, now as ever, in building on these victories in 2017 with wins across the county in municipal and local races.

Although we will be sad to see Jane go, we are excited that she will continue her track-record of excellence in this new and more substantial role.

Happy New Year,

Jeff Matthews


Stark County Republican Party